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CyberLink Creative Director Family (What It Means To Me)

CyberLink Creative Director Family

(What It Means To Me)


I’m Brayden Rowland, CEO of Brayden Rowland Productions and today I'm reviewing the Creative Director Family from CyberLink, and letting you know what it means to me and how I use it to make a living, and how you can do, really easily. In this review we will cover PowerDirector 11 PhotoDirector 4 AudioDirector and ColorDirector.



Okay so first up is CyberLink PowerDirector 11! The PowerDirector 11 Series provides the most comprehensive tools for making high quality productions. This software is Slammed Packed with features that make video editing as easy as reciting the alphabet. PowerDirector includes an Ultra-Fast 64-Bit TrueVelocity 3 Engine, Support for 4K video resolution formatting, professional color grading and audio editing tools, as well as over 400 professional effects and NewBlue Effects, and is certified to be Windows 8 Compatible. Let’s go over some of the new features in PowerDirector 11 that we haven't seen in previous versions. First up is the new Content-aware Editing where PowerDirector analyzes major scenes, such as those with faces, motion, zoom or pan; and hones in on imperfections that can be improved using TrueTheater, such as poor lighting and shakiness. The new version of PowerDirector comes with improved Dual Monitor Editing. It now comes with Ripple Editing allowing you to insert or remove clips on the timeline while keeping all other items on the same video track aligned and giving you the option to leave gaps where clips have been removed or to move one or the rest of the clips or clip groups down. In PowerDirector 11 you are even able to customize your own Hotkeys while using the program cutting editing time almost in half. One of my favorite features to use in PowerDirector 11 is the Chroma key effect, where I can take a single color and remove it from a scene and make something else, It saves a lot of filming time and money. (Accessible by selecting the modify key on a video)



PowerDirector 11 now has seamless integration with Professional Add-Ons such as ColorDirector (A professional color corrections software which you can easily adjust tonality, change regional colors using advanced motion tracking to give your film the best look.), and AudioDirector (A professional sound design software in which you can automatically remove noises and restore audio to a pristine condition with state of the art iZotop technologies.)You have seamless round-trip editing to create best in class video editing working with ColorDirector, AudioDirector, and the newest and older versions of PhotoDirector. Cyberlink is also releasing PowerDirector Metro, the first windows 8 tablet video editor for your video projects that you need to edit on the go. I love using the vocal removal tool; it lets me make my own soundtracks, without having to go out and actually buy new tracks for a production, saving a decent amount of money. I also enjoy using the object removal in PhotoDirector, works great if you accidently got a light or something in the shot. The ColorDirector, Motion Tracking feature works a lot better than the one found in After Effects. It’s much easier to use and makes everything a lot faster and less stressful.


For the ultimate editing check out the new and revamped design studio which includes 4 new designer tools that let you design the visual effects you want in full-screen. Design all you need to make you production great with the title designer, the particle designer, the pip designer and the menu designer. Power Director 11 includes advanced 3D editing, precise editing tools, time-lapses and slideshow creators, hand-paint animations, and free creative good from Want to upload your videos to YouTube or other big sites, no problem for this program; in fact you don't even have to leave the program to do it. That’s right you heard me, upload directly from the program itself. So what are you still here for, head on over to and buy the Creative Director Family today.





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